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March 07, 2018

The Style Guy: game sporran game, a dilemma of judges, and what women want


Dear Style Guy:

Uniformly unchuffed.

What about women in pipe bands? Why do they always seem to have to wear the uniform that the men have on? After all, female police or military personnel usually have a different uniform. Flight attendants have uniforms, but they’re not all the same and male and female workers seem to be allowed to choose. What’s your take on this?


A tired and weary


I have often wondered about this. On the one hand, it is a uniform, and that suggests every member of the band should be uniformly attired. On the other hand, bands might well want to let women wear something less manly, and maybe come up with a variation that might replace the necktie with something more feminine, or supplant clunky big brogues with a lighter shoe. We have also inherited the kilt, which is traditionally a man’s item of clothing, so that’s a dilemma as well.

I don’t know. I’m The Style Guy, so I don’t know what women prefer, and certainly not all women prefer to wear the same thing. But I do like the notion of providing a bit of choice. My guess, though, is that, when it comes to playing in the band, everyone wants to be treated as equals, and that means no special dispensation. But I certainly would not be offended if all the women in a band wore a uniform that was a little less manly-manish. I’m also open to any band that comes up with a decidedly unisex ensemble for all players.






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