October 26, 2020

Young pipers invited to have a day at the SPA

For the first time ever, young pipers from anywhere in the world can have a chance to compete in the prestigious Scottish Pipers’ Association’s annual Juvenile Competition, held this year for the first time ever by recorded online video.

The SPA was founded in 1920, so this year is celebrating its 100th anniversary. The Juvenile competition is one of the most prestigious there is for younger players. Former winners of the events being a who’s-who of some of the greatest names in piping history, including John D. Burgess, Iain MacFadyen and Andrew Wright.

“We are delighted to once again have our annual Juvenile Competition, albeit in a new online format,” said SPA President Logan Tannock. “This event allows for the current COVID-19 regulations in Scotland.”

Any young piper can enter provided they have never competed in Open/Professional events. They also have to take out a membership with the SPA, which ranges from £5 for kids younger than 16 to £7.50 for everyone else.

Deadline for entries is November 25th, and videos have to be uploaded by noon GMT, November 28th.

The SPA also holds annual competitions for pipers older than 18, as well as an annual Knockout Contest.

All the details and entry forms are here.



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