June 11, 2022

2022 UK Champions: Field Marshal Montgomery

Lurgan, Northern Ireland – June 11, 2022 – Northern Ireland’s Field Marshal Montgomery won the 2022 United Kingdom Championship held at Lurgan Park for the first time in two years. It was the second of five RSPBA major championships. British Champions Inveraray & District were second in the MSR competition. ScottishPower, out of the list at the British, returned to the prizes, while Police Scotland Fife rose another place with a third.

Ravara, also of Northern Ireland, won the Grade 1 medley contest, while winners at the British, Buchan Peterson finished third. Portlethan & District enjoyed two firsts in piping but were placed well back in drumming and ensemble to drop to sixth.

Conditions were mainly wet, windy and difficult for all.

Grade 1 (MSR, 10 competed)
1st Field Marshal Montgomery (1,1,2,1)
2nd Inveraray & District (2,2,1,2)
3rd Police Scotland Fife (3,3,3,4)
4th ScottishPower (4,4,5,3)
5th Shotts & Dykehead Caledonia (6,5,6,5)
6th St. Laurence O’Toole (7,7,4,6)
Judges: Mark Faloon, Jim Semple (piping); Gordon Parkes (drumming); Gordon Lawrie (ensemble)

Grade 2 (medley, 11 competed)
1st Ravara (2,2,6,1)
2nd Royal Burgh of Annan (4,5,1,3)
3rd Buchan Peterson (6,4,7,2)
4th Kilchoman Distillery Isle of Islay (3,3,4,9)
5th Manorcunningham (7,6,25)
6th Portlethen & District (1,1,10,8)
Judges: Colin Moffatt, Jennifer Hutcheon (piping); Mark Wilson (drumming); John Moles (ensemble)



  1. Do you mind if I use this forum to say that the venue for the UK championships in Lurgan is absolutely terrible, one of the worst I have ever been to. This is their second go at it, they had three years to improve from the last event, and this one was even worse. The facilities in particular for those with disabilities were pathetic, I speak from personal experience. It was humiliating and embarrassing. The RSPBA should be ashamed. Please, please go back to Stormont.



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