Style Guy
July 31, 2011

The Style Guy: Knot know

Hi Style Guy,

I’m just starting out as a piper and will be alternating between wearing two tartans: Dress Gordon and Maple Leaf.

Is there a sock colour and jacket colour (besides black) that I could wear with both, or will I need two sets of everything?

Thanks in advance,


Well, Kate, there are many different iterations of the Maple Leaf tartan, but I’ll assume you’re going with the one illustrated here, which is by far the best. Regardless, think neutral. Neutral tones pretty much go with everything. If you must limit yourself to one pair of socks and one jacket, I would go for a dark grey. If you want to get adventurous, perhaps a very dark green would work to tie together both. But avoid lighter colours, since these will take the eye away from the tartan, which should always work to be the highlight of your ensemble.




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