Style Guy
July 31, 2011

The Style Guy: Knot know

Dear TSG:

This summer I noticed a few pipe band judges wearing the entire uniform of the band they play in. What’s your opinion of this? Are they making a statement or a blunder?


Bandy Legs

This is a great question, Bandy Legs. Provided the adjudicator isn’t filling in in some sort of emergency situation, a pipe band judge should never wear the kilt, much less the whole uniform, of their former or – horrors – current band. I’m not even keen on judges sporting a band tie. Why? Well, judges need to communicate independent thought, and their appearance makes a statement. When they wear a band uniform, they immediately suggest, whether they know it or not, that they prefer a certain style. It also says that they’re insecure, and need to boast their background and prop up their credibility. It’s also a strong indication that these folks haven’t taken the whole thing seriously enough to have their own kilt, jacket and so forth.

And thus ends another installment of The Style Guy. If you’re stumped by anything to do with your piping and drumming look, just drop a line to The Style Guy, and he’ll provide his always-on counsel.




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