December 31, 2010

The year in news: pipes|drums ranks the top stories of 2010

# 1 – Eighteen-year-old Faye Henderson finally breaks the gender barrier: By becoming the first female in history to win a Highland Society of London Gold Medal after more than 200 years of the competition, simply cannot be denied as the history-making event of 2010.

To some, this may not sit well – for all the right reasons. That in 2010 we’re even marveling at a female winning one of solo piping’s great awards is decisive in itself, and that the Argyllshire Gathering and Northern Meeting are two of the last bastions of bygone “tradition.” Indeed, women were not event allowed to compete at these events until 1975, so, 35 years on judges finally deemed a woman worthy of the prize.

And that that piper is only 18, competing in the event for the first time in her career, well, it’s all just too remarkable not to name Faye Henderson’s achievement as the 2010 pipes|drums Magazine news story of the year.

We deliberated over several other 2010 stories, and settled on the following, in order, as runners-up:


  1. Good job Andrew on bringing the pipe band world the most important stories to the forefront. I think you choice for #1 was spot on. What an achievement for such a talented young lady! 2011 should be a good one. I look forward to reading about it every step of the way right here on pipesdrums!



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