December 31, 2010

The year in news: pipes|drums ranks the top stories of 2010

# 4 – Bill Livingstone packs in the 78th Fraser Highlanders: with nearly 30 years in charge of the band that he essentially invented, Bill Livingstone’s ultimate departure as Pipe-Major left many in the pipe band world trying hard to imagine the group without him giving the command. Few bands in history are synonymous with a single person and, as with Gavin Walker assuming command of Shotts, Doug MacRae has monumentally large ghillies to fill.


  1. Good job Andrew on bringing the pipe band world the most important stories to the forefront. I think you choice for #1 was spot on. What an achievement for such a talented young lady! 2011 should be a good one. I look forward to reading about it every step of the way right here on pipesdrums!



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