December 31, 2011

The year in news: the Top 10 pipes|drums stories of 2011

From joyous achievements in competition, to celebrated performances, to technological advancements, to sad losses of beloved personalities, the year 2011 draws to a close, and pipes|drums was with you every day of the way. From the more than 300 news pieces over the last 12 months, we sit down to take a look at the stories that rose to the top of our interest and conscience – the developments we welcomed and those we dreaded. Once again, we bring you the most important 10 stories and collective trends of the year based on the impact that each had on the piping and drumming world.

It’s no easy task going through the year’s news of the world’s pipers and drummers. You will of course have your own preference, but, in the end, these are the stories we chose, beginning with # 10.


  1. Excellent summary. Ending with a reminder of the good byes we had to say to the great characters and friends we share the love of the music with, puts it all in perspective. How lucky we are to love the pipes and share the music and our lives with such wonderful folk!



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