March 06, 2017

Australian losses exceed $180k

should have its own association, and there should be a college which takes care of certification of judges, etc. People are afraid to talk as they fear the consequences. Please help fight for the musicians. The unpaid tutors who travel and give up their time. The small country bands struggling to keep members. The people who just want to play music. There is zero transparency and it’s deeply concerning. I hope some pressure can be put on PBA to start answering to its members and stop lying to them and withholding information. The national body just needs to be abolished.”

The other insider with the Pipe Bands Australia said, “Chris Earl is clearly trying to bring about change. His methods are often unpopular, but I think the intent and overall goal are not misplaced.”

Piping and drumming associations do not always follow sound and fool-proof accounting practices. Suspicions of financial improprieties are common with members, who might receive reports of financial frugality at an annual general meeting, but witness incongruous practices during the year, such as executives and board members enjoying excessive travel and accommodation benefits.

Experts on accounting and governance for non-profit associations invariably recommend that associations compile audited statements from reputable third-party accounting organizations. Warning signs of financial fraud include inability to receive complete financial data and “bullying behaviour by management.”

The police investigation of the Pipe Bands Australia and Queensland Pipe Band Association matters continues.





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