March 06, 2017

Australian losses exceed $180k

at all to its branches for the year ended June 30, 2017, “unless funds are returned to PBA, in part or in full.

“I can confirm that following my review and taking into account all available funds across Australia and accounting for all monies payable currently, the net asset position proved that the PBA Group remains solvent. Albeit, that if we are to meet and pay our debts, funds will be required to be transferred between branches and PBA itself.”

If the financial statement is approved at a meeting on March 20th, the organization will move to Xero, an online accounting system that various branches can view to help safeguard proper governance.

“I didn’t even know that Pipe Bands Australia had such huge amounts of money, nor do the country bands who could be benefiting so much by having more workshops,” said a competing member of the organization, who also spoke only on condition that his/her name not be used. “Compare Australia to New Zealand. New Zealand has multiple Grade 1 bands who regularly attend the World’s. They have more Grade 3 and 2 bands than Australia does and the quality across the board is much higher. It is well known in Australia that you wouldn’t dare go to the World’s looking for a win without winning at the New Zealand [Championships]. New Zealand’s population is barely that of Sydney. We have one Grade 1 band in the PBA.”

The Western Australia Police Pipe Band of Perth, Australia, is the country’s only active Grade 1 band, and the group is reportedly not permitted by the police force to travel to compete at the World Pipe Band Championships. The Grade 1 City of Whitehorse of the Melbourne area declared itself defunct in November 2016 following the suspension of several of its members, including the pipe-major and leading-drummer for four and two years, respectively, and two other members for a year.

+ City of Whitehorse breaks down

Chris Earl responded to pipes|drums’ request for comment, only confirming that Pipe Bands Australia is still solvent, that use of the loan is a “matter for Pipe Bands Australia,” and that he is “unable to comment – subject of police inquiries” when asked to comment on the unaccounted for money.

“It is an absolute shambles,” said the anonymous member. “There is no requirement for a national PBA. It’s just more politics for the sake of politics. Each state . . .





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