May 06, 2019

Honoured military pipe-majors

Member of the Order of the British Empire (MBE) medal.

Our readers are the most informed, knowledgeable and sharing in the piping and drumming world, and Aard Boode of Livingston, Scotland, is a great example.

Mr. Boode has been researching pipe-majors of the military worldwide, and so far he has tracked nearly 3,000 UK and Commonwealth country pipers who have achieved this official rank by completing the rigorous course at the Army School of Bagpipe Music & Highland Drumming in Edinburgh.

The British Empire Medal (BEM).

“As part of this research I have also produced a list of pipe-majors who were awarded a Commander of the Order of the British Empire (CBE), Officer of the Order of the British Empire (OBE), Member of the Order of the British Empire or Medal of the Order of the British Empire (MBE), or British Empire Medal (BEM),” he said in his correspondence, along with his list of 89 men (there are so far no females) who have been further distinguished for their services in the annual Honours List, traditionally issued on the monarch’s birthday or on New Years Day.

The Most Excellent Order of the British Empire was started in 1917. There are five “classes”: Knights and Dames Grand Cross (GBE), Knights and Dames Commanders (KBE and DBE), Commanders (CBE), Officers (OBE) and Members (MBE).

We have marked with an asterisk those who have also achieved a Highland Society of London Gold Medal.

The list is not definitive. If you see a possible error or omission, please do contact us.

These honours used to be reserved primarily for those who served in the military. Over the last several decades, the MBE especially has been presented to civilians. Several non-military-serving pipers and drummers have received the honour, including Jeannie Campbell, Hugh Cheape, Jim Kilpatrick, Roddy MacLeod and Richard Parkes.

We hope that you appreciate the list, and we thank Aard Boode for sharing his research with pipes|drums readers.


Adlington, Joseph1930BEMRoyal Inniskilling Fusiliers
Aitken, David Waddel19342004BEMRoyal Highland Fusiliers
Allan, John MackenzieMBEQueen’s Own Highlanders
Anderson, Andrew19021981BEM48th Highlanders of Canada
Anderson, James B.1932?2004BEMBlack Watch/Royal Air Force
Anderson, Thomas19312011BEMCameronians
Banks, James Milne1946MBEScots Guards
Barron, Albert19261996BEMBlack Watch/Tayforth U.O.T.C.
Bisset, JohnBEM71st Royal Engineers
Black, David Plunkett1936MBEBEMRoyal Regiment of Artillery
Brown, Robert Urquhart *19061972MBEGordon Highlanders
Burgess, John Davie *19342005MBEQueen’s Own Cameron Highlanders
Carswell, James RobertsonBEMArgyll & Sutherland Highlanders
Clement, William19232012MBEHome Guard/Black Watch
Copland, John “Jock”18801966MBEEssex Fusiliers/Essex & Kent Scottish Regt
Cornwall, Thomas Drysdale1955BEMRoyal Scots/Army Apprentices’ College
Crabb, Robert19212009BEMScots Guards
Crease, Anthony James1946MBEBEMRoyal Scots Dragoon Guards
Davidson, Alexander Hugh Ririe19442016MBEScots Guards
Dickie, Alexander W.19021974MBEGordon Highlanders
Dippie, Allan Thomas1942?2005BEMBlack Watch
Dodds, Norman1941MBERoyal Irish Rangers
Douglas, Walter18871960MBEQueen’s Own Cameron Hldrs of Canada
Duncan, David19292003MBELondon Scottish/51st Highland Volunteers
Elder, Peter Wood19342017BEMRoyal Tank Regiment
Esson, Edmund19061981MBESeaforth Highlanders of Canada
Forsyth, George Sinclair19061983BEMRoyal Scots
Frame, William Edwin19372015BEMRoyal Highland Fusiliers/Glasgow U.O.T.C.
Franklin, John RichardBEMLondon Irish Rifles
Galloway, Archibald John Hepburn19101997BEMQueensland Cameron Highlanders/2nd A.I.F.
Georgeson, Laurence1984BEMArgyll & Sutherland Highlanders
Gray, John Brockie19031972BEMRoyal Scots Greys
Gray, Michael James1966MBEHighlanders
Groves, Harold FrancisMBEIrish Guards
Harden, Michael John1947BEMRoyal Tank Regiment
Hitchings, Bruce James1955MBE, BEMQueen’s Own Highlanders
Kerr, Joseph1940BEMGordon Highlanders/Scottish Division
Kilgour, Robert Liddle19242017MBESeaforth Highlanders/Scots Guards
Knox, James1958MBERoyal Irish Regiment
Lambert, Arthur Peter19242000BEMRoyal Regiment of Artillery
Law, Charles Nicol19001971BEMBlack Watch
Lland, Henry Frank19242008BEMQ.O.C.H./R.A.S.C./R.C.T.
Lyons, William1940BEMIrish Guards
MacAulay, Angus19021995MBELovat Scouts
McBurnie, ArthurBEMRoyal Ulster Rifles
McCallum, Ronald *19051986MBEArgyll & Sutherland Highlanders
MacDonald, Alexander Roderick19001992BEMScots Guards
MacDonald, Angus *19381999MBEScots Guards
MacDonald, John *18651953MBEQueen’s Own Cameron Highlanders
MacDonald, John Morrison18991965?OBERhodesia Regiment
McIntosh, Farquhar Allan **19292010MBETrucial Oman Scouts
McIntosh, James Haddow *1925MBEQueen’s Own Cameron Highlanders
MacKenzie, John MacLean19221996BEMArgyll & Sutherland Highlanders
MacLellan, John Archibald*19211991MBESeaforth Highlanders
MacLennan, Duncan Munro19041979MBEVictorian Scottish Regiment
MacLennan, Lewis19101995BEMPacific Islands Regiment
MacLeod, David W.BEMRoyal Air Force
MacLeod, Donald *19161982MBESeaforth Highlanders
McNicol, John19131988BEMBlack Watch
Macrae, Evan *19251991BEMQueen’s Own Cameron Highlanders
MacTaggart, William Keith19292019CBE, MBEAberdeen Universities O.T.C.
Matheson, John McLeanBEMCameronians
Montgomery, Desmond Alan Dill19162003CBE, MBEQueen’s University Belfast O.T.C.
Motherwell, James Craig Whyte1960BEMArgyll & Sutherland Highlanders
O’Brien, Patrick1998MBELondon Irish Rifles/Royal Ulster Rifles
Pryde, James19292009MBERoyal Scots Greys
Rafferty, Joseph Cooper1945BEMBlack Watch
Ramsay, Donald Shaw19191998BEMHighland Light Infantry
Riddell, Donald19081992BEMLovat Scouts
Robertson, James Blair19051988MBEScots Guards/London Scottish
Roe, John Sidney19201994MBE, BEMScots Guards
Roe, Kenneth Gordon19211976BEMScots Guards
Ross, William Collie *18781966MBEScots Guards/Lovat Scouts
Roy, Robert19091960MBEBlack Watch
Samson, Stuart Douglas *1962MBEGordon Highlanders
Small, Steven George1964MBEBlack Watch
Smith, Edward Kenneth19011951BEMKing’s Own Scottish Borderers
Smith, John Arbuckle19121990BEMArgyll & Sutherland Highlanders
Stewart, William Rennie19172007OBESt. Andrews University O.T.C.
Stoddart, Gavin Neil Macleod *1948MBE, BEMRoyal Highland Fusiliers
Stoddart, George19121990BEMRoyal Scots Fusiliers/Parachute Regt
Stuart, Rene Michael1947MBERoyal Air Force
Tamang, MeharmanMBE7th Duke of Edinburgh’s Own Gurkha Rifles
Thomson, Kenneth WilliamBEMArgyll & Sutherland Highlanders
Tiuamoa, LewerekaMBEPacific Islands Regiment
Turrell, Lewis Arthur *19352011MBERoyal New Zealand Infantry Regiment
Weatherston, John Carlton19172003MBE, BEMHighland Light Infantry/Royal Artillery
Whitecross, James G.19281994?MBEPacific Islands Regt/R. Australian Regt
Wilson, Andrew19311997BEMRoyal Ulster Rifles/Queen’s U.O.T.C.
* Highland Society of London Gold Medallist
** Later changed name to McIntyre, Susan.

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