May 09, 2019

In recital: Callum Beaumont, part 5

Our fifth and final video excerpt from Callum  Beaumont’s spring recital at Moss Park Armoury in Toronto features the virtuoso piper with another set of strathspeys & reels. He was visiting the Canadian city for the first time as part of a weekend workshop put on by the Toronto Branch of the Pipers & Pipe Band Society of Ontario.

Callum Beaumont is on of the world’s greatest solo pipers, already amassing at age 30 a roomful of trophies and medals of which 99.99% of Highland pipers could only dream.

He recently joined the team at R.G. Hardie & Co. as one of the organization’s “Champions” for their products, helping with the planning and design of future gear for pipers.

pipes|drums captured these videos with the permission of the event organizers, Beaumont, and compensated him for his excellent work. The nonprofit magazine is committed to fair use, copyright and paying a fair amount for content.

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