July 26, 2023

In Seattle, Cameron Bonar wins the Andrew Bonar Trophy named in tribute to his father

Cameron Bonar with the Andrew Bonar Trophy named in honour of his late father.

Seattle – July 21, 2023 – On the Friday evening before the annual Pacific Northwest Scottish Highland Games, the Don MacRae Pub Piping Casual Hornpipe & Jig with contestants not having to wear itchy wool unless they actually prefer it. There are two groups: A comprises Open and Grade 1 pipers, while the B group is open to those who compete in amateur Grade 2, 3 or 4. The event is held at a pub and contestants are encouraged to get creative with their performance.

Cameron Bonar of Surrey, British Columbia, won the A Group competition, and, with it, the “Andrew Bonar Trophy” named in honour of his late father.

A Group (seven competed)
1st Cameron Bonar, “Jack Lee’s Big 65th,” “The Stonecutter’s Phoenix”
2nd Zephan Knichel, Surrey, British Columbia
3rd Colin Forrest
Judge: Rob Menzies

B Group (eight competed)
1st Paul MacKay
2nd Evan Jamieson
3rd Allison Jackson
Judge: Rob Menzies

Here’s a video of Bonar’s performance of “Jack Lee’s Big 65th” and “The Stonecutter’s Phoenix.” Players are within a fenced off portion that technically isn’t in the pub to avoid any legal issues regarding under 21s. “Jack Lee’s Big 65th” was a co-write by him and Knichel in honour of Lee’s birthday.

Our thanks to the British Columbia Pipers Association for sending us the details of the event and the video file.





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