March 23, 2024

Luke Kennedy wins Duncan Johnstone Memorial Jimmy McIntosh MBE Quaich

Glasgow – March 23, 2024 – Luke Kenndey won the Jimmy McIntosh MBE Quaich for most aggregate points in the B-Grade events at the annual Duncan Johnstone Memorial Solo Piping Competition held at both National Piping Centre locations and organized by the Competing Pipers Association as an event especially for solo pipers graded B or C.

The competition saw more than 200 separate performances, and even with the large entry, everything was done and dusted by about 6 pm.

Prizewinners at the 2024 Duncan Johnstone Memorial Solo Piping Competition.

B Grade
(22 played, the Barbara Gillies Trophy)
1st Luke Kennedy
2nd Brodie Watson-Massey
3rd John Dew
4th James McPetrie
5th Edward Gaul
Judges: Glenn Brown, Alasdair Henderson

MSR (23 played, the 1745 Trophy)
1st Ross Connor
2nd Cameron May
3rd Keith Bowes
4th Fraser Allison
5th Jonathon Simpson
Judges: Gordon McCready, Colin MacLellan

Jig (26 played, the Keepers of the Quaich Trophy)
1st John Dew
2nd Cameron May
3rd Keith Bowes
4th James McPetrie
5th Ross Connor
Judges: Gordon McCready, Colin MacLellan

(final; 36 played in heats, six in final; the Jimmie McGregor
1st Karen McCrindle-Warren
2nd Andrew Pattison
3rd Craig Muirhead
4th Norman Gillies
5th Lewis Maxwell
Also playing: Cameron O’Neil
Judges: Craig Sutherland, John Wilson

MSR (final; 36 played in heats, eight in final; the National Piping Centre
1st Scott McAskill
2nd Kyle Shead
3rd Andrew Pattison
4th Norman Gillies
5th Tori Kiloran
Also playing: Andrew Bell, Hamish Munro, Thomas Turner
Judges: Euan Anderson, Callum Beaumont

Jig (40 played, the Roddy MacLeod Trophy)
1st Kyle Shead
2nd Tori Kiloran
3rd Hamish Munro
4th Norman Gillies
5th Eala McIlhinney
Judges: Peter Hunt, Sarah Muir

The competition pays homage to Duncan Johnstone, one of the great competitors and composers of the 20th century.






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