July 16, 2019

MacDougall bullish at Inveraray

Cameron MacDougall, winner of the Premier/A-Grade Pioabireachd at the 2019 Inveraray Highland Games.

Inveraray, Scotland – July 16, 2019 – Held in the shadow of Inveraray Castle, the Inveraray Highland Games continues to thrive as one of the most organized and well governed events of the solo piping year, making it a preferred competition at a time when most of the smaller games continue to suffer from reduced entries. Weather was mostly sunny and warm with no rain.

Cameron MacDougall of Nigg, Scotland, won the top piobaireachd event. The Premier/A-Grade light music started at about 4 pm, and ultimately Dunoon, Scotland’s Alasdair Henderson took a first and a second in the light music, gaining the overall aggregate based on top-three placings. John Dew was the first winner of the Niall Iain MacLean trophy for overall in B-Grade events, and won also received the Dr. Lesley Craig kilt pin for winning the B-Grade piobaireachd.

1st Cameron MacDougall, “The Red Speckled Bull”
2nd Jamie Forrester, London, “The Battle of Bealach nam Brog”
3rd Sarah Muir, Glasgow, “The Old Men of the Shells” setting #1
4th Connor Sinclair, Crieff, Scotland, “Lament for the Viscount of Dundee”
5th Angus D. MacColl, Benderloch, Scotland, “I Got a Kiss of the King’s Hand”
6th Donald MacPhee, Alexandria, Scotland, “Beloved Scotland”
Judges: Patricia Henderson, John Wilson

1st Calum Brown, Aberdeen, Scotland
2nd Alasdair Henderson, Dunoon, Scotland
3rd Angus D. MacColl
4th Connor Sinclair
5th Ben Duncan, Edinburgh
6th Angus J. MacColl, Oban, Scotland
Judges: Andrew Frater, Ian McLellan

Strathspey & Reel
1st Alasdair Henderson
2nd Angus D. MacColl
3rd Ben Duncan
4th Angus J. MacColl
5th Sarah Muir
6th James MacKenzie, Inverness, Scotland
Judges: Walter Cowan, Jim Henderson

1st John Dew, Perth, Scotland, “The Battle of Strome”
2nd Ben Duncan, Edinburgh, “Lament for MacSwan of Roaig”
3rd Ashley McMichael, Belfast, “The Massacre of Glencoe”
4th Willie Rowe, Rata, New Zealand, “The Massacre of Glencoe”
5th Lachie Dick, Edinburgh, “Catherine’s Lament”
6th Jamie Elder, “The MacKays’ Banner”
Judges: Murray Henderson, Colin MacLellan

1st Callum Moffatt, Lockerbie, Scotland
2nd Calum Wynd, Stirling, Scotland
3rd Greig Wilson, Cardenden, Scotland
4th John Dew
5th Jamie Elder, Auchtermuchty, Scotland
6th Ross Miller, Linlithgow, Scotland
Judges: Walter Cowan, Jim Henderson

Strathspey & Reel
1st Ursa Beckford, Augusta, Maine
2nd Greig Wilson
3rd John Dew
4th Finlay Cameron, Fort William, Scotland
5th Ross Miller
6th Jonathon Simpson, Falkirk, Scotland
Judges: Andrew Frater, Ian McLellan

The C-Grade Piobaireachd result as posted by the games.

1st Andrew Hutton, Ontario
2nd Gwenael Dage, Brittany
3rd Brodie Watson-Massey, Edinburgh
4th Angus MacPhee, Inverness, Scotland
5th Fraser Allison / Brian Mulhearn, Ayr, Scotland (tied)

1st Fraser Allison
2nd Greig McAllister, Aberdeen
3rd Ryan Cupples Mendez, Belfast
4th Anna Smart, Auckland, New Zealand
5th Ross Conner, Campbeltown, Scotland
6th Andrew Bova, Glasgow
Judges: Andrew Frater, Ian McLellan

Strathspey & Reel
1st  Greig McAllister
2nd Ross Conner
3rd Fraser Allison
4th Brodie Watson-Massey
5th Rebecca Tierney, Strathaven, Scotland
6th Connor Jardine, Glasgow
Judges: Walter Cowan, Jim Henderson


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