July 20, 2023

New Zealand Police Pipe Band issues statement on drum corps departure; puts out call for new members

Approximately a day-and-a-half after the Grade 1 New Zealand Police Pipe Band parted ways with most of its drum section, including Leading-Drummer Olav Goud, the band made a formal statement regarding the move, saying, “The suggestion the Aussie drum corps was dismissed is totally incorrect.”

With the strong majority of the percussion section made up of fly-in players from neighbouring Australia, the fact that it was an “Aussie drum corps” appeared to be the primary, if not sole, reason for the move, according to the band.

The band stated that a need for more local New Zealand members to perform at functions was a driving factor.

“The Aussie drum corps was brought in last season as an extraordinary measure so that the band could compete at the [New Zealand & South Pacific Championships].’ — New Zealand Police statement.

“Once it became apparent at a New Zealand Police Pipe Band committee meeting this week that continuing with an Australian drum corps would not meet the band’s needs or objectives, it was mutually decided that Leading-Drummer Olav Goud and his drum corps would part ways with the NZPPB,” the statement read, continuing with, “The Aussie drum corps was brought in last season as an extraordinary measure so that the band could compete at the [New Zealand & South Pacific Championships].”

The New Zealand Police Pipe Band celebrates its 2018 New Zealand Pipe Band Championship victory under Pipe-Major Emmett Conway.

The band was adamant that the parting of ways was “a mutual one” with Goud and the corps.

According to sources close to the matter, who spoke on condition of anonymity, the drum section departed less than amicably, and refuted the claim that the move was mutual.

“The band appreciated Olav’s commitment in bringing his drummers to play with us last season,” the statement added. “We acknowledge his disappointment at not continuing with us and we wish him and his drummers well, just as he has for our band’s future and longevity.”

The band put out a recruitment call for drummers – presumably based in New Zealand – interested in joining for the 2023-’24 New Zealand season.

“It’s an exciting opportunity for experienced and aspiring drummers to play in a Grade 1 band with a long tradition and history of public performances and achievements,” Pipe-Major Nick Eagle said, inviting them to contact him directly by email.

Immediately upon receiving the news shortly after the move was made on July 18th, pipes|drums invited Eagle to comment on the matter. Nothing on the record was received from him or the band, and there was no public statement until more than 24 hours later.






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