July 16, 2022

(videos) Peel Police win Grade 2 at Cambridge, Andrea Boyd takes overall in pro piping solos

Pipers and drummers searching for shade at the Cambridge Highland Games.

Cambridge, Ontario – July 16, 2022 – The Ontario outdoor season rolled on with the Cambridge Highland Games, held under sunny skies and temperatures around 30 degrees Celsius with bands and soloists seeking out any bit of shade they could find. The Grade 1 band event was not contested and the 78th Fraser Highlanders performed an MSR. The Peel Regional Police won the four-band Grade 2 competition. Andrea Boyd was Professional Piper of the Day. Blair Beaton took the overall in the Professional Snare Drumming.

At the closing ceremonies, Ken Eller was presented with an Honourary Life Membership to the Pipers & Pipe Band Society of Ontario by Bob Worrall. By the end of the day, pipers and drummers outnumbered the audience by a wide margin.

Stay tuned to pipes|drums for videos of the Grade 1 and Grade 2 performances from the 2022 Cambridge Games.

Grade 1
(MSR, one played)
1st 78th Fraser Highlanders
Judges: Amy Garson, Brian Williamson (piping); Larry Willis (drumming); Bob Worrall (ensemble)

Grade 2 (medley, four competed)
1st Peel Regional Police (1,2,1,1)
2nd Ottawa Police Service (2,4,3,2)
3rd Toronto Police (3,1,4,3)
4th St. Andrew’s College Association (4,3,2,4)
Judges: Amy Garson, Brian Williamson (piping); Larry Willis (drumming); Bob Worrall (ensemble)

Grade 3 (MSR, three competed)
1st Ottawa Highlanders (1,1,1,1)
2nd Guelph (2,2,3,2)
3rd Glengarry (3,3,2,3)
Judges: Iain Symington, Eddie Gorman (piping); Dan Bist (drumming); Ken Eller (ensemble)

Grade 4 (march medley, six competed)
1st Durham Police (1,1,1,2)
2nd Rob Roy (2,2,4,1)
3rd Guelph (Gr4) (3,3,2,3)
4th London & District (5,4,6,4)
5th Peel Regional Police (Gr4) (4,5,5,5)
6th Georgetown (6,6,3,6)
Judges: Amy Garson, Brian Williamson (piping); Larry Willis (drumming); Bob Worrall (ensemble)

Grade 5 (march medley, six competed)
1st Ryan Russell Memorial (1,2,5,1)
2nd Durham Regional Police (Gr5) (3,1,3,2)
3rd Paris Port Dover (2,3,1,3)
4th Peel Regional Police (Gr5) (5,5,2,4)
5th Beinn Gorm Highlanders (4,6,4,6)
6th Spirit of Ontario (6,4,6,5)
Judges: Amy Garson, Brian Williamson (piping); Larry Willis (drumming); Bob Worrall (ensemble)

Professional Solo Piping
(14 entered)
1st Andrea Boyd
2nd Tyler Bridge
3rd Jacob Dicker
4th Seam McKeown
5th Liam Melville
6th Alastair Murray
Judge: Bob Worrall

March (13 entered)
1st Ian K. MacDonald
2nd Tyler Bridge
3rd Jacob Dicker
4th Sean McKeown
5th Andrea Boyd
6th Callum Harper
Judge: Amy Garson

Strathspey & Reel (13 entered)
1st Andrea Boyd
2nd Ian K. MacDonald
3rd Sean McKeown
4th Callum Harper
5th Jacob Dicker
6th Caleb Thibodeau
Judge: Bill Livingstone

Hornpipe & Jig (13 entered)
1st Ian K. MacDonald
2nd Andrea Boyd
3rd Jacob Dicker
4th Tyler Bridge
5th Sean McKeown
6th Tyler Harris
Judge: Hector MacDonald

Professional Snare Drumming

1st Blair Beaton
2nd Harvey Dawson
3rd Kyle Wardell
4th Matthew Page
5th Neil Birkett
6th James Kirkwood
Judge: Craig Stewart

Hornpipe & Jig
1st Blair Beaton
2nd James Kirkwood
3rd Neil Birkett
4th Kyle Wardell
5th Matthew Page
6th Harvey Dawson
Judge: Dan Bist





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