December 28, 2014

pipes|drums’ Top 10 news stories of 2014


Life is beautiful

October 14th: Ian K. MacDonald resting comfortably following minor heart attack

November 9th: Andrew Bonar recovering following emergency brain surgery

Andrew Bonar

We had only just got our head around Ian K. MacDonald’s heart attack in his early-40s than the piping and drumming world was stunned by the news of another piping great Andrew Bonar’s health crisis. MacDonald is expected to make a full and complete recovery and plans to be back leading the Grade 1 Toronto Police Pipe Band next year. The 47-year-old Andrew Bonar’s situation requires months of painful treatment, but he too looks forward to many years ahead. But for the rest of us, we admire these two individuals for their courage in the face of real adversity. Our piping and drumming world brings great joy to those fortunate enough to be in the exclusive club, and if we ever get too worked up over results or rain or mismanaged associations, real life crises like these serve as a reminder about what is really important. The entire piping and drumming world is behind these pipers, and all other pipers and drummers who might be facing similar health problems. Haste ye back.


Those were the biggest news stories of 2014. We expect just as or even more lively a year ahead as pipes|drums Magazine stays on top of the news to bring you the latest from the piping and drumming world.

Stay tuned to pipes|drums for our 12th annual New Year’s Honours, Harry Tung’s Raspberry Awards, and our predictions for 2015!

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