December 28, 2014

pipes|drums’ Top 10 news stories of 2014

Breathing life into Grade 2

October 1st: Alberta scene reaching new heights with three new Grade 2 bands

October 17th: Three Western US bands bumped up to Grade 2

A minimalist 400 Squadron raises just enough players to compete in Grade 2 in 2013.

The demise of Grade 2 continues, despite the upgrade of a total of six North American bands from Grade 3, but the injection of life into the moribund grade is a welcome relief, however temporary it might turn out to be. Grade 2 in British Columbia and Ontario is a shell of its former self, and the standard of the category in the UK has slipped considerably, with Grade 1 bands hoovering up players to bolster numbers as the demand for big sections continues unchecked. Whether these bands will sustain viability in their higher grade, only time will tell.




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