August 08, 2018

Piping Live! 2018 – pipes|drums’ must-see picks



Willie McCallum

Measured in sheer number of major prizes won, Willie McCallum could well be the greatest solo piping competitor of all time. Think about that when you dither over parting with $15.

When: 1 pm
Where: National Piping Centre
Price: £7.50

Brian Lamond.

Brian Lamond

You might not know the name, but this guy is a huge piping talent. If you’re over that way, be sure to take in the Piobaireachd of the Day at the newest National Piping Centre location.

When: 1 pm
Where: National Piping Centre, Otago Street
Price: £5

Pipe Idol – Round 3

Hamish Reade, New Zealand; Christopher Happs, Scotland; Joseph Horwath, USA; and Ryan Cupples-Menendez, Northern Ireland go at it hammer-and-tongs as they vie to make the four-piper Grand Final.

When: 3:30 pm
Where: Street Café, National Piping Centre
Price: FREE

Dowco Triumph Street

Soak in the Grade 1 Vancouver-based Dowco Triumph Street as they show off their multi-national roster.

When: 6 pm
Where: National Piping Centre
Price: FREE

Standard Habbie

Not got a ticket for the SLOT concert? Try an evening playfully celebrating the life and myth of the most famous toun piper of old, Habbie Simpson. Alasdair Roberts, Fin Moore, Iona Fyfe, Konrad Wiszniewski, Roo Geddes, Neil Sutcliffe and Donald Lindsay perform in this intriguing project.

When: 7:30 pm
Where: National Piping Centre
Price: £15







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