April 12, 2021

Samson shows publishing muscle with paper ‘Parkgrove Collection’

Pipers and drummers just can’t seem to get enough new music during the pandemic, and composers continue to oblige with the latest news that Stuart Samson has responded to requests to offer his Parkgrove Collection in a paper version.

Stacks of the printed Parkgrove Collection to be distributed.

The 56-composition book originally was put out only in digital format last January, but heavy demand informed Samson’s decision to print 500 analog copies of the collection, priced at £20 plus postage.

The Parkgrove Collection is Samson’s third book of music, following 2010’s Land of Bens and Glens and Heroes and Piping Noel, a collection of Christmas music arranged for the Highland pipe.

It is something of a revelation to me that a high percentage of musicians seem to prefer a physical book.

Samson remarked on the irony that paper is still in demand in the digital age.

“I have had many requests asking whether a physical book was in the pipeline and, although it was not my original intention to produce one, I have now gone down this line in order to accommodate those who prefer to have a hard copy,” he says. “I am very pleased with the result and would say that it is something of a revelation to me that a high percentage of musicians seem to prefer a physical book.”

The Parkgrove Collection was well-reviewed by Jim Stack in February of this year.

Samson enjoyed a decorate career as a solo piper and a soldier, receiving an MBE for his services to both in 2008.

Other paper-based pipe-music books have been released recently, including Sean Somers’ Out West Collection that was announced in late March.



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