December 31, 2014

The 13th annual pipes|drums New Year’s Honours!

It’s been another great year for world piping and drumming, and, as pipes|drums has done since 2001, we bring you the annual pipes|drums New Year’s Honours!

We put together a panel of experts who closely watched the scene, following pipes|drums every day, and they provided their selections in the different categories. As always, we strived to ensure that each had no overlapping bias or interest, and, as such, leave them anonymous to better maintain their influence, or lack of it.

We have two categories for pipers: one strictly for solo competition success and the other for all pipers for all of their work in the art. The decline in the release of new collections of music continues, and those are again considered in the general “Product of the Year” category.

In every area there was strong debate and votes were close. To be sure, any band, person or product mentioned deserves huge praise.

Congratulations to all winners on their impressive, prestigious success!

(Two-three-paced) drum rolls please . . .


  1. Always love this year end wrap and seeing the best recognised. Glad that it is not always all about prizes won but also about other accomplishments to piping and drumming. Well done all!!!



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