March 18, 2024

Hitting a purple patch at 63: Reid Maxwell’s having quite a time of it (video)

A “purple patch” is an old-school term for enjoying a streak of success that keeps going. A purple patch often comes when younger people start hitting their stride. In Reid Maxwell’s case, he’s hit (a)nother purple patch in his sixties, which shows no sign of ending.

Maybe it started in 2022, when he and his Simon Fraser University drum section took another World Pipe Band Drumming title, and did it again at the 2023 World’s. Later in 2023, he and his son Grant published the critically-acclaimed and best-selling Taking No Shortcuts collection of snare drumming tutorials and exercises.

And already in 2024, it was announced that Reid Maxwell would have an honorary degree bestowed upon him in June by Simon Fraser University for his long service to the arts and, additionally, that the J. Reid Maxwell Medal would be awarded to the winner of the Pacific Rim Snare Drumming Championship at the BC Highland Games.

He’s making the news a lot these days, so it’s another good reason to check in to hear how he’s feeling with all the accolades and milestones coming down on him. Does it point to retirement, or is there still more fuel in the tank?

His answers are, as always, interesting and charismatic. We hope you enjoy our discussion with Reid Maxwell as much as we did:

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