July 19, 2022

Inveraray offers a warm welcome with first games in three years; Angus D. MacColl wins P&A Piobaireachd and overall

Angus MacColl competing in the piobaireachd at the 2018 Inveraray Games. [Photo Alister Sinclair]
Inveraray, Scotland – July 19, 2022 – Three years have passed since the Inveraray Highland Games occurred, and the popular event for the UK’s top solo pipers came back strong in hot and mostly sunny conditions at the games park in the shadow of Inveraray Castle.

In early results from the top events, Angus D. MacColl of Benderloch, Scotland, won the piobaireachd event for those grade Premier or A in ceol mor by the Competing Pipers Association. Inveraray requires all competitors to be a member with a grading from the CPA. Connor Sinclair took the March and Greig Canning won the Strathspey & Reel. MacColl was the overall champion on the day.

Next to the Argyllshire Gathering, Scottish Piping Society of London and Northern Meeting competitions, Inveraray is considered by many to be the most significant non-invitational piping competition in the UK.

The CLASP (Competition League for Amateur Solo Pipers) also staged their competitions at the games.

By the time the B-Grade Piobaireachd was ending around 5:30 pm, rain had set in.

Premier & A-Grade
1st Angus D. MacColl
2nd Sarah Muir, Glasgow
3rd Jamie Forrester, East Lothian, Scotland
4th John Mulhearn, Glasgow
5th Steven Leask, Glasgow
6th Sandy Cameron, Fort William, Scotland

Connor Sinclair before competing in the Premier & A-Grade competitions at Inveraray. [Photo Alister Sinclair]
1st Connor Sinclair, Crieff, Scotland
2nd Calum Watson, Glasgow
3rd Angus D. MacColl
4th Gordon McCready, Renfrew, Scotland
5th Steven Leask
6th Greig Canning, Kirkcaldy, Scotland

Strathspey & Reel
1st Greig Canning
2nd Sarah Muir
3rd Jamie Forrester
4th Gordon McCready
5th Angus J. MacColl, Oban, Scotland
6th Angus D. MacColl

1st Eireann Ianetta-Mackay, Perth, Scotland
2nd Calum Brown, Aberdeen
3rd Greig Canning
4th John Dew, Perth, Scotland
5th Fraser Allison
6th Jamie Elder, Auchtermuchty, Scotland

1st Ciaren Ross, Glasgow
2nd Fraser Allison
3rd Finlay Cameron, Fort William, Scotland
4th John Dew
5th Callum Wynd, Stirling, Scotland
6th Eireann Ianetta-MacKay

Strathspey & Reel
1st Ciaren Ross
2nd John Dew
3rd Kris Coyle, Carrickfergus, Northern Ireland
4th Fraser Allison
5th Jamie Elder
6th Andrew Donlon, Washington, DC

1st Gregor MacDonald, Oban, Scotland
2nd James McPetrie, Aberdeen
3rd Josh Chandler, Australia
4th Kyle Snead, Selby, England
5th Robert Low, Edinburgh
6th Andrew Yu, Edinburgh

1st Rebecca Capon, Brisbane
2nd Bobby Allen, Glasgow
3rd Chris McLeish
4th James McPetrie
5th Stuart McCallum, Glasgow
6th Josh Chandler

Strathspey & Reel
1st Bobby Allen
2nd Ross Connor, Campbeltown, Scotland
3rd Chris McLeish
4th Stuart McCallum
5th Rebecca Capon
6th Kyle Snead, Selby, England

Open Under 18
1st Innes Munro
2nd Grace Kelman
3rd Cameron Blue MacPhail
4th Calan McGuigan

Local Under 15
1st Euan McCartan
2nd Arran Brown
3rd Rio Arkwell
4th Hannah Millar
5th Archie Johnston
6th Hugh Anderson

Grade 1
1st John Nevans
2nd Craig Turnbull
3rd Iain Kirkwood
4th Con Houlihan

1st Con Houlihan
2nd Robert Russell
3rd Craig Turnbull
4th William Wardrope
5th Janette Greenwood
6th Iain Kirkwood

Strathspey & Reel
1st Robert Russell
2nd William Wardrope
3rd Craig Turnbull
4th Janette Greenwood
5th Con Houlihan
6th Iain Kirkwood

Grade 2

1st Ben Hall
2nd William Wardrope
3rd Duncan Lamont
4th Dagmar Pesta
5th Dorothy Moodie
6th Hector Thomson

1st John Nevans
2nd Ben Hall
3rd David Richardson
4th Hector Thomson
5th Dagmar Pesta
6th Duncan Lamont

Strathspey & Reel
1st Ben Hall
2nd David Richardson
3rd John Nevans
4th Duncan Lamont
5th Hector Thomson
6th Dagmar Pesta

Grade 3

1st Philip Duthie
2nd Rebecca Morris

1st Grant Walker
2nd Rebecca Morris
3rd Philip Duthie

Strathspey & Reel
1st Grant Walker
2nd Philip Duthie
3rd Rebecca Morris





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