December 20, 2022

McKeown, Maxwell win top overall prizes at Fall World Onlines

Sean McKeown busy winning the Open/Professional Solo Piping at the Fall 2022 World Online Piping & Drumming Championships.

The Internet – November-December 2022 – The Fall 2022 edition of the World Online Piping & Drumming Championships took in more than 600 entries across 80 events with contestants submitting videos of their performances that were then assesses over several weeks by judges around the world.

The top solo piping aggregate prize went to Sean McKeown of Bowmanville, Ontario, while Vancouver’s Grant Maxwell scooped up the overall in the uncontested Open/Professional snare drumming.

The event is organized by and sponsored by R.G. Hardie & Co.

All results, videos and judges’ comments can be found here, and the top awards are below.

Aggregate Piping Winners

  • Open/Professional: Sean McKeown
  • Grade 1: Colin Forrest, Canada
  • Grade 2: Paul Mackay, USA
  • Grade 3: Aiken Madan, USA
  • Grade 4: Zyggy Gray, Australia
  • Grade 5: Sean Stewart, Scotland
  • Beginner: Julian Chua, Singapore
  • Drumming

Overall Snare Winners

  • Open/Professional: Grant Maxwell
  • Grade 1: Tommi McAndrew, Scotland
  • Grade 2: Tommi McAndrew, Scotland
  • Grade 3: Daniel Liu, New Zealand
  • Grade 4: Daniel Liu, New Zealand
  • Grade 5 Andrew Bryce, New Zealand
  • Beginner: Ewan Christopher, Canada

Overall Tenor Winners

  • Grade 1: Erin McRobbie, Scotland
  • Grade 2: Erin McRobbie, Scotland
  • Grade 3: Gale Walker, Canada

Overall Bass Winners

  • Intermediate: Gale Walker, Canada
  • Novice: Yuen Ka Ming, Hong Kong

Solo Piping
1st Sean McKeown, Lament for the Children
2nd Ian K. MacDonald, MacLeod of Colbeck’s Lament
3rd Ryan Murray, The Park Piobaireachd (No.2)
4th James MacHattie, Lady Margaret MacDonald’s Salute
5th Scott Armstrong, The Rout of the Lowland Captain
6th John Dew, The Battle of Auldearn (No.2)
Judge: Nick Hudson

1st Ian K. MacDonald, MacLean from Pennycross,Arniston Castle,John Morrison of Assynt House
2nd John Dew, The Taking of Beaumont Hamel Gavin Fergusson John McKechnie’s Big Reel
3rd Sean McKeown, Donald Maclellan of Rothsay, Inveraray Castle, Alick C MacGregor
4th Darran Forrest, Jimmy Young, Susan MacLeod and Major David Manson
5th Jack Williamson, Knightswood Celidh, Dora MacLeod, Cockerel in the Creel
6th Joe Biggs, Mrs. Duncan MacFadyen, John MacDougall Gilles, Broadford Bay
Judge: Terry Lee

Hornpipe & Jig
1st Sean McKeown, Gordon MacRaes Favorite, The Theif of Lochaber
2nd John Dew, Dora Watt The Falconer
3rd James MacHattie, Emily Kate MacLellan,The Hen’s March
4th Ian K. MacDonald, The Goat from Whitefish Falls & Alex MacDonald
5th Ryan Murray, The Man from Skye, The Curlew
6th Joe Biggs, John MacKenzie’s Fancy, The Geese in the Bog
Judge: Jamie Forrester

Grade 1
1st Colin Forrest, The Groat
2nd Connor Eckert, Field of Gold
3rd Hugh Dowell, Lament for the Viscount of Dundee
4th Charlie Martin, The Groat
5th Eddie Boland, Andrew Macneil of Colonsay
6th Stephen Ross, Lament for the Dead
Judge: Jamie Forrester

1st Colin Forrest, Jimmy Young, Susan MacLeod, The Sheepwife
2nd Hugh Dowell, Captain Campbell of Drum a Voisk, Mrs. Donald MacPherson, Alick C. MacGregor
3rd Connor Eckert, Mrs. John McColl, Catlodge, Alick C. MacGregor
4th Megan Brodie, Mrs John MacColl, The Shepherd’s Crook, The Sheepwife
5th Gord Wallace, Major Manson’s Farewell to Clachantrushal, Kathleen Mala, Sandy Cameron
6th Ray Flanagan, Major Manson at Clachantrushal, Islay Ball, Mrs. MacPherson at Inveran
Judge: Terry Lee

1st Connor Eckert, Patrick’s Revelation, Angus Sutherland
2nd Colin Forrest, Donella Beaton and Braes of Melnish
3rd Gord Wallace, Brides Jig, Old Wife of the Milldust
4th Eddie Boland, The Strutting Jig, Donnie Mcgregor
5th Charlie Martin, The Skylark’s Ascension, Alex MacDonald
Judge: Keith Paton

1st Connor Eckert, Aberdeen Romeo, Stumbling Through the Grey Area
2nd Gord Wallace, The Ladies Hornpipe, PM George Allan
3rd Colin Forrest, Tam Bains Lum and Donald MacLeod
4th Charlie Martin, Jack Adrift, Lois’s Hornpipe
Judge: James MacHattie

6,8 March
1st Colin Forrest, Rab’s Wedding, Miss Ishabel T MacDonald
2nd Connor Eckert, Rab’s Wedding
3rd Gord Wallace, Leaving Port Askaig
4th Charlie Martin, Iain Campbell of Oban
Judge: John Dew

Solo Drumming

1st Grant Maxwell, Young MacGregor, Caledonian Society of London, MacAllistair’s Dirk
Judge: Andrew Womersley

Hornpipe & Jig
1st Grant Maxwell, Reverend AWR MacKenzie’s Revenge, Callum Magee
Judge: David Coleman

Grade 1
1st Timothy Dent, John Macdonald of Glencoe, Struan Robertson and Alick C Macgregor
2nd Kes Kunze, John MacColl’s March to Kilbowie Cottage, Bogan Lochan, Little Cascade
3rd Jamie Cockburn, Lord Alexander Kennedy, cameronian rant, Pretty Marion
4th Cameron W. MacDonald, Highland Wedding,Bogan Lochan,John McKechnie
5th Tommi McAndrew, Highland Wedding, Struan Robertson & Dolina Mackay
Judge: Andrew Womersley

Hornpipe & Jig
1st Kes Kunze, Pumpkin’s Fancy, Old Wife of the Mill Dust
2nd Tommi McAndrew, Crossing the Minch & Donald Camerons Powderhorn
3rd Jamie Cockburn, Rhonda Blair, Bronni’s Blue Brozzi
4th Cameron W. MacDonald, Barry Ewan & The Mermaid Jig
Judge: David Coleman

6,8 March
1st Tommi McAndrew, Bonnie Dundee & Hot Punch
2nd Jamie Cockburn, Portree bay
3rd Cameron W. MacDonald, 6,8 March Traditional
Judge: David Coleman

Grade 1

1st Erin McRobbie, Allan Dodds Farewell to Scotland, Atholl Cummers & Mrs Macpherson of Inveran
2nd Ryan Niksch, Lord Alexander Kennedy, The Islay Ball, Mrs MacPherson of Inveran
3rd Christine Christiansen, Hugh Kennedy, Maggie Cameron, Bessie MacIntyre
Judge: Kahlil Cappucino

Hornpipe & Jig
1st Erin McRobbie, Flying Scotsman, Battle of Waterloo & The Panda
2nd Ryan Niksch, Mason’s Apron, Archie Beag
3rd Christine Christiansen, The Man from Skye, The Hen’s March.
Judge: Kate Dudek

Intermediate (Grade 3 & 2) MSR
1st Gale Walker, Braes of Castle Grant, Susan McLeod, Lexi McAskill
Judge: Kate Dudek





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