July 31, 2017

Pipers primed for Maxville Gold Medal events

Andrew Hayes and Glen Walpole, respective winners of the Bar and Gold Medal at the 2016 Glengarry Highland Games. [Photo: pipes|drums]
The number of contestants for this year’s Piobaireachd Society Gold Medal (Canada) competition is down due mainly to reduced overall entries at the Glengarry Highland Games because of the calendar proximity of the World Pipe Band Championships, but organizers are expecting another first-rate event.

Players from Ontario, New Brunswick, Alaska, Arkansas, Georgia, Maryland, Massachusetts and Washington state will be featured at the Anglican Church in Maxville, Ontario, on Friday, August 7th, the Gold Medal event beginning at 8 am, and the Bar to the Medal for previous winners of the Gold Medal starting at 1:30 pm. Contestants’ tunes have been chosen in advance from lists submitted with their entries.

Colin MacLellan is the judge for both contests and will also be an adjudicator at the North American Championships the following day. The event is celebrating its 70th anniversary this year.

+ Three guest judges for 70th Maxville

Orders of play
Piobaireachd Society Gold Medal (Canada)

  1. Callum Harper, Bolton, Ontario, “Lament for the Iolaire”
  2. Robert Minnear, Atlanta, “Lament for John Morrison of Assynt House”
  3. Patrick Downing, Everett, Washington, “The MacDougalls’ Gathering”
  4. Dylan Whittemore, Kitchener, Ontario, “Roderick MacDonald’s Salute”
  5. Dan Lyden, Timonium, Maryland, “Rev. Dr. Norman MacLeod’s Lament”
  6. Andrea Boyd, Ottawa, “Lord Lovat’s Lament”
  7. Brendan Culver, Stoney Creek, Ontario, “Lady MacDonald’s Lament”
  8. Bobby Durning, Lynnfield, Massachusetts, Nameless: “Hiharin dro o dro”
  9. Teddy Krogh, Anchorage, “Beloved Scotland”
  10. Alan Clark, Finch, Ontario, “The Park Piobaireachd” (No. 2)

Bar to the Gold Medal (year won)

  1. Glenn Walpole, Toronto, “The Prince’s Salute” (2016)
  2. Jacob Dicker, Hammond, Ontario, “Lady MacDonald’s Lament” (2014)
  3. Andrew Hayes, Ottawa, “Ronald MacDonald of Morar’s Lament” (2003)
  4. Sean McKeown, Bowmanville, Ontario, “Lord Lovat’s Lament” (2007)
  5. Andy Rogers, Fredericton, New Brunswick, “The King’s Taxes” (2011)
  6. Scott McIntosh, Ottawa, “The Prince’s Salute” (2008)
  7. Ian K. MacDonald, Whitby, Ontario, “My Dearest on Earth, Give Me Your Kiss” (1995)

This year’s winner of the Piobaireachd Society Gold Medal (Canada) can compete in the Bar competition, but can’t submit the tune he/she won with earlier in the day. The event typically has more than 20 contestants and is capped because of time constraints.

Prize money for the Gold Medal ranges from $700 for first to $100 for fifth; the three prizes for the Bar are from $800 for first to $400 for third.

Of note, Andy Rogers returns to solo competition after a hiatus of more than three years.





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