August 16, 2019

Piping Live! 2019 – Day 4: turning up the heat

The sun was a factor all day at Piping Live! and many pipe bands took the opportunity to practice outside at their approximate play times through the day. The Street Café kicked off with the last hear of Pipe Idol, in preparation for the final later in the day. As always, Fred Morrison was a major sponsor of the event, providing a set of reelpipes to the overall winner.

Later performances in the Street Café had a decidedly European flavour, with Slovakian and Asturian piping being featured amid the increasing volume of chat as pipe bands arrive after practice. By day’s end, the tent was jammed and the crowd spilled out in front of the National Piping Centre, enjoying the weather and the company.

The Angus MacColl father/son duo were the feature at the Lunchtime Recital Series, and another strong attendance proves this to be one of the most enjoyed events during the day. The lineup to get in typically winds down the stairs at the Piping Centre, and the quality of performers never disappoints.

Many people left the confines of Piping Live! events to attend band practices today, and it may be the nicest day for bands this week!

The workshop sessions offered a whole fresh set of options today, including Writing, Arranging and Recording with Ali Hutton and Ross Ainslie, Breton Piping, Tenor Drumming, Uilleann Piping, Piobaireachd Introduction, and much more. This is a great addition to the Piping Live! program and we wonder if offering the classes in bundles for a reduced price might increase the overall buzz.

The P-M Alasdair Gillies Recital Challenge drew a massive audience, and they were treated to four excellent performances, five if you count compere John Wilson. Any chance that the Royal Concert Hall could put the AC up just a tad? Those events are uncomfortably hot for audience and performers, and it would add a lot to have a better air quality. While everyone loves value for money, some of the “20-25 minute sets” were actually 40-45 minutes. This event could be a little more rigid with performing times, and better for it. Still, the players all delivered great entertainment, and everyone left happy with what they heard.

It’s on to a certain soggy Glasgow Green for the first round of Grade 1 performances on Friday. Best of luck to competitors and spectators alike.

[Photo Alister Sinclair]
[Photo Alister Sinclair]
[Photo Alister Sinclair]
[Photo Alister Sinclair]
[Photo Alister Sinclair]
Pipe Idol finalists. [Photo Alister Sinclair]
Pipe Idol winner Brodie Watson-Massey. [Photo Alister Sinclair]

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