September 04, 2022

Royal Braemar overall goes to Ben Duncan

Ben Duncan with the overall trophy at the Braemar Highland Gathering.

Braemar, Scotland – September 3, 2022 – Queen Elizabeth II couldn’t attend the Braemar Gathering for the first time ever in her long reign, but Prince Charles, several other Windsors and about a dozen pipers turned out for the senior events. Even without a first-prize, Ben Duncan of Edinburgh gained the trophy for aggregate points across the three events. Duncan was the aggregate winner the last time the Braemar Gathering was held, in 2019.

First prize for the Piobaireachd, which went to 2022 Argyllshire Gathering Gold Medallist Jamie Forrester of Uddingston, Scotland, was £400, and the firsts in the light music, both of which were earned by Tinton Falls, New Jersey’s Derek Midgley, were £200. The cash awards dropped off considerably from second on down.

1st Jamie Forrester
2nd Matt Pantaleoni, St. Louis
3rd Ben Duncan
4th Dan Lyden, Timmonium, Maryland
5th Darach Urquhart, Glasgow
6th Kaitlin Kimove, Petawawa, Ontario
Judges: Logan Tannock, Rab Wallace, Duncan Watson

1st Derek Midgley
2nd Ben Duncan
3rd Jamie Forrester
4th Willie Rowe, Rata, New Zealand
5th Anna Kummerlow, Germany
6th Ben McClamrock, Washington, DC
Judges: Ian Duncan, Patricia Henderson, Stuart Samson

Strathspey & Reel
1st Derek Midgley
2nd Ben Duncan
3rd Andrew Carlisle, Pittsburgh
4th Brodie Watson-Massey, Edinburgh
5th Ben McClamrock
6th Willie Rowe
Judges: Ian Duncan, Patricia Henderson, Stuart Samson





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