January 05, 2016

Ten headlines we could be writing in 2016

Balmoral_bonnet____ wears balmorals

After several years predicting that the once de rigueur pipe band headgear will be fashionable once again, a high-profile group will don these classic hats. We’re confident about the baubles of balmorals. Whether they’re diced is a dicey topic. But they will look jaunty. If they inspire other bands to put them on will be seen, but hats off to the courageous crew that attempts to step back in time to capture a long-gone style, unlike MacCrimmon, ready for a return. What’s worn will be reworn and reborn. You’ve been warned..

Those are the 10 headlines that we might reasonably expect to write in 2016. We will revisit things this time next year. What are some of your predictions for 2016?


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