May 06, 2024

Thorpe, Murray the big winners at Australia’s R.U. Brown

Struan Thorpe

Adelaide, Australia – May 5, 2024 – The annual R.U. Brown Solo Piping Competition saw Struan Thorpe of Melbourne win the Clasp for previous winners of the R.U. Brown Gold Medal, and James Murray of Perth, Australia, take this year’s Gold Medal at the events held at St. Aloysius College.

The contest was first held in 1972 in response to Brown’s wish to have a day of excellent solo piping in Australia. Robert Urquhart Brown travelled frequently to Australia to pass on his knowledge of piobaireachd.

In addition to the contests, there was a recital featuring Uillean piper Jack Brennan, Graham Bryce, Neil Walker and judge Robert Worrall.

(The John MacDonald MBE of Inverness Memorial Prize)
1st Struan Thorpe, “Glengarry’s March” (AUD$2,000)
2nd Brett Tidswell, Adelaide, “MacCrimmon’s Sweetheart” ($1,000)
3rd Jonathan Quay, Melbourne “Craigellachie” ($600)
4th Dennis Browning, “The Vaunting”
Judges: James Murray, Brian Switalla, Bob Worrall

R.U. Brown Gold Medal (A Grade)
1st James Murray, “The Old Men of the Shells” ($900)
2nd Neil Walker ($700)
3rd Craig Sked ($500)
Judges: Brian Switalla, Brett Tidswell, Bob Worrall

R.U. Brown Silver Medal (B Grade)
1st William Mulligan ($400)
2nd Robert Wilkinson ($200)
Judges: Marion Horsburgh, Malcolm McRae

R.U. Brown Bronze Medal (C Grade)
1st Atticus Zweck, “Catherine’s Lament” ($100)
2nd Jonathon Coe, “The MacFarlanes’ Gathering” ($75)
3rd Michael Greig ($50)
Judges: Marion Horsburgh, Malcolm McRae

Mervyn Hall Medal (D Grade)
1st Damon Wright, “The Battle of the Bridge of Perth”
Judges: Marion Horsburgh, Malcolm McRae

Light Music
(Hamish Mackenzie Perpetual Trophy)
1st Neil Walker ($500)
2nd Craig Sked($300)
3rd Struan Thorpe ($100)
Judges: Graeme Byrce, Marion Horsburgh

Hornpipe & Jig (Victorian Pipers Association Perpetual Trophy)
1st Liam Nicolson
2nd Andrew Fuller
3rd Neil Walker
Judges: June Mcleish, Sam Young

(Ewen Masson Perpetual Trophy)
1st Simon Gibson ($200)
2nd William Mulligan ($100)
3rd Robert Wilkinson ($50)
Judge: James Murray

Hornpipe & Jig
1st Simon Gibson ($200)
2nd William Mulligan ($100)
3rd Cameron Ely ($50)
Judge: Graeme Bryce

C Grade
(Jim Smith Perpetual Trophy)
1st Atticus Zweck ($70)
2nd Rhys Davies ($50)
3rd Jonathon Coe ($30)
Judge: Barrey Niven

D Grade
(Mervyn Hall Perpetual Trophy)
1st Rhys Davies ($50)
Judge: Barrey Niven






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