February 20, 2021

Alert Down Under! Plenty of ways to keep in touch with pipes|drums

How the pipes|drums Facebook page appears in Australia on a desktop browser.

pipes|drums followers might have heard about Facebook’s recent decision to blank content in Australia on the Facebook pages and shares from credible media outlets. It’s over that country’s legislative demand that news outlets should share a small amount in the tens-of-billions in profits that Facebook and other tech giants rake in, similar to the licenses that Facebook already pays for music and visual arts content in every country in which it operates.

Not surprisingly, Facebook has blocked pipes|drums content from appearing for our thousands of Australian readers.

We use social media primarily as an alert system. We save the original content for pipes|drums itself, a property that we’ve worked many years to improve for our tens of thousands of readers worldwide.

How our FB page appears in Australia on a mobile phone.

We won’t go into where we stand on the Australia issue, but other countries, including Canada, are considering a similar requirement of Facebook to share a fair amount of its advertising revenue with media outlets that help drive their advertising revenue.

Rest assured, there are several other ways to receive an alert when there’s a new pipes|drums story:

  • Twitter – our handle is @pipesdrums. When a new article is published, a tweet goes out.
  • The pipes|drums Mobile App – just go to the app store on Apple to download.
  • Instagram – our IG handle is @pipesdrums_magazine. (Instagram is owned by Facebook; we plan to use it more.)
  • Set up an RSS feed – just click here to get the code to start this. Almost all email platforms, including Gmail, let you set up an RSS (really simple syndication) feed so you get automatic alerts.
  • Set your browser home page to – really effective when on a desktop or laptop computer!
  • Be a member of pipes|drums – whether through you free registration or (we hope) inexpensive paid subscription, you can sign up for our weekly email newsletter. You’ll get a roundup of the articles published over the week.

There are plenty of non-Facebook ways to keep in touch with pipes|drums. Don’t forget to subscribe to our YouTube Channel where you can find hundreds of original piping and drumming videos we’ve posted since 2009.

We will continue to populate our pipes|drums Facebook page as usual so that our more than 18,000 followers there can use it to access our articles.

The pipes|drums facebook page in 2011 after we surpassed 5,000 likes.

There are plenty of ways to keep in touch with pipes|drums, Facebook or not.

We’ll now get back to creating original and quality content as a media source that keeps you informed and educated on all quality things piping and drumming.

We surpassed 5,000 Likes on Facebook in 2011. The page was created in May 2009, a few years after it started. The company’s profits in 2019 were USD$18.5 billion.



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