October 19, 2023

Kevin Blandford Memorial, Silicon Valley take highway to Ventura wins

Ventura, California – October 5-6, 2023 – Kevin R. Blandford Memorial of Rancho Cucamonga, California, and Saratoga, Calfornia’s Silicon Valley won the Grade 3 Medley and MSR events, respectively, against a field of two other bands at the annual Seaside Highland Games in sunny Southern California.

The Cameron Highlanders of San Diego won Grade 4 on ensemble preference over Long Beach, while University of California Riverside won the Grade 5 competition. Upland Highland was initially second on Saturday but was disqualified for not meeting the minimum numbers.

Grade 3
1st Kevin R. Blandford Memorial (2,2,1,1) (ens.pref.)
2nd Silicon Valley (1,1,2,2)
3rd City of Angels (3,3,3,3)
4th Pasadena Scots (4,4,4,4)
Judges: Glen Thompson, Alan Bevan (piping); Seumas Coyne (ensemble); Reid Maxwell (drumming)

1st Silicon Valley (1,1,1,2)
2nd Kevin R. Blandford Memorial (2,2,2,1)
3rd City of Angels (3,3,3,3)
4th Pasadena Scots (4,4,4,4)
Judges: Alan Bevan, Glen Thompson (piping); Seumas Coyne (ensemble); Reid Maxwell (drumming)

Grade 5 (March/Slow March/March)
1st University of California Riverside (2,2,1,1)
2nd Upland Highland (1,1,4,2) (DQ)
3rd Gold Coast (3,2,3,4)
4th Pasadena Scots (Gr5) (4,4,2,3)

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