The most important stories of ’17

Published: December 29, 2017


RSPBA issues roster form to world associations

The move to clamp down on temp players stepping in as ringers with bands competing at RSPBA events got a lot more real as the association distributed forms for each band to complete, allowing easier cross-checking of members.

Grade 1 at Maxville likely only one band

The chronic allure of the World Championships had an effect on Grade 1 entry at the North American Championships, as the 78th Fraser Highlanders and Peel Regional Police both revealed that they elected not to attend their regional championship. Maxville carried on with only the Toronto Police in the top grade, but there was no noticeable negative impact on crowds and band entry in other grades at the 70th anniversary of the event.

Ottawa Police making a rest this year

The Grade 1 Ottawa Police announced that it would not compete in 2017 due to numbers and lead-drummer problems. Despite having numbers well exceeding minimum requirements, the band instead elected to sit it out. The band has recently announced new leadership and a plan to be back at it in 2018.



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