December 26, 2015

The top 15 p|d stories of 2015


In 2015 pipes|drums brought you nearly 300 articles reporting developments in the piping and drumming world, from news about pipe bands, associations and events, to results from important competitions around the globe.

With the year winding down, be took a look at the body of reporting from the last 12 months, and worked to whittle down from that 300 to get to the 15 most important stories of the year. It’s a subjective process, and our approach was to consider the overall impact that each story had on piping and drumming. We strived to see the big picture, and your list will no doubt vary.

We note that we will leave out the deaths of important figures in piping and drumming, because, to us, there’s something not right about ranking one life over another.

So here it is, in reverse order, the 15 most important pipes|drums stories of 2015:





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