Published: December 26, 2015

The top 15 p|d stories of 2015


Shotts-Kilpatrick story continues: band offers an apology – October 23rd

Yes, we’re getting to this over-arching story, but this development in the autumn series of Shotts & Dykehead developments found the band taking the high road, working to put the controversy of the departure of Leading-Drummer Jim Kilpatrick behind them.

Why was this story important? This was the mature thing to do. Rather than drag out the issue for more weeks or even months, the band sought to move on by admitting that it made mistakes, offering an apology to Kilpatrick and any others who were affected by the extraordinary set of developments. While not all would accept the apology, Shotts’s move showed maturity and sensibility, being the first to admit that it made mistakes, and, of course, none of us are perfect.



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