Published: January 04, 2018

Trailing Drones: talkin’ ’bout a resolution

A flame of opportunity

It was sad day when a heating system set fire to the RSPBA HQ on Washington Street in Glasgow, and we hear that a search is on for a new space. This could be an opportunity for the RSPBA to say goodbye to the Victorian pile, to really examine what kind of location could be best for the administration of the Association, and also for the use of the member bands. An ideal RSPBA HQ would have a first-class performance space, practice areas, education spaces (workshops, meetings) a social area and of course appropriate offices for professional staff and executive. In its day, the old building was amazing in many regards, and not a few attended ceilidhs in the upstairs hall, and well as Strathclyde Police practices. We encourage ample elements of both forward planning and a focus on creative ways to use the space. It’s an opportunity to think big.



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