August 01, 2017

World’s Week Grade 1 Practice Guide


78th Fraser Highlanders (Canada)
Every day at Kelvingrove Park at 10:15am and 2:15pm, weather permitting.
Other appearances:
Competing at North Berwick and in the International Quartet competition at Piping Live!


Auckland & District (New Zealand)
Monday, Aug. 7: 10 am @ St. Nicholas Garden, Castle Street; Tuesday, Aug. 8: 10 am @ St. Nicholas Garden, Castle Street; Wednesday, Aug. 9: 10 am practice @ St. Nicholas Garden, Castle Street. Thursday, Aug. 10: 10 am practice @ St Nicholas Garden, Castle Street.
Other appearances:
Tuesday, Aug. 8: 1:20 pm at locations along Buchanan Street, finishing with 45-minute set at George Square. Competing in International Quartet Competition.
We are staying at Strathclyde University and our preference is to practice there, however, we have been informed that there were a number of noise complaints by 3rd party residents (non-pipe band people) staying at the same accommodation within the last couple of years, so have planned to practice at the above location. If noise is not an issue this year we will endeavour to practice onsite at Strathclyde University


Bleary & District (Northern Ireland)
Thursday, Aug 10, 2:30pm, at the Oran Mor, the top of Byres Road, Glasgow.






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