August 01, 2017

World’s Week Grade 1 Practice Guide

So, you want to learn the secrets of success from the world’s very best bands while you’re in the UK? Or maybe you’d like to do a little competitive espionage? Or perhaps capture some great video for your personal collection?

pipes|drums is here to help.

We bring you our annual World’s Week Grade 1 Practice Guide – a list of where to find the superstars of pipe banding as they put the final polish on their sparkling performances.

We asked all of the bands to send us their information so that you can check them out, if possible. Some bands have not gotten back to us yet, so, before you think they’re being stand-offish and uncaring about their faithful fans, they might just be a bit late with information or . . . they simply need some privacy. But please be sure to keep checking for updates to the list.

It’s always a good idea to double-check that they will actually by holding their practice before you set out. Plans change.

We hope that you find this our annual schedule of practices beneficial and of service.

It’s what we do here at pipes|drums.





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