Published: August 01, 2017

World’s Week Grade 1 Practice Guide

Buchan Peterson (Scotland)
Tuesday, Aug. 8: 7.30pm band hall at Inverurie; Wednesday, Aug. 9: 3pm Campanile Hotel, Glasgow; Thursday, Aug. 10th, 10am and 1pm, Campanile Hotel, Glasgow.
Other appearances: Aug. 5 – North Berwick on the Saturday.


Dowco Triumph Street (Canada)
At Murano Hall, Glasgow, with public practice there Wednesday, Aug. 9, afternoon (weather permitting). Thursday, 2pm, Aug. 10, public practice at Strathclyde University (weather permitting), with drum corps practicing earlier.


Field Marshal Montgomery (Northern Ireland)
Wednesday, Aug. 9, 2-4pm, and Thursday, Aug. 10, 2-4pm, Kelvingrove Park, Glasgow.
Visitors welcome.




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