Trailing Drones
September 01, 2015

Harry’s 2015 World Pipe Band Championships Glossary

X is for Xenophobia. That’s a fancy word for “the unreasoned fear of that which is perceived to be foreign or strange.” The World’s is very good, but it could be great. Time again for a new format. Split off the top eight Grade 1 and put them in a concert hall. Oh, and start sharing the licensing proceeds with the artists. Change is good.

Indoors. Concert hall. Neutralize any changes. Get it going.

Y is for Youth. Scotland has it going on with developing youth bands through schools. Add to that the developmental opportunities through exams, school credits and eventually university programs, and you start to understand why Scottish pipe bands in several grades are able to produce both numbers and excellence.

Z is for Zilch. Zilch, Zip, Zero . . . continues to be the share of the license proceeds the artists receive for creating the music that the BBC purchases. They don’t invest a dozen tractor trailers, 30-odd staff working overtime hours, and a high-paid anchor if it’s not of great ROI. The value of the licensing right is high. It cannot legally be given away. I have a feeling all the details will eventually be disclosed, and it won’t be pretty.

Like Michael and his four brothers sang, ABC. It’s easy as 123. Do-re-mi. Baby you and me.

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