Trailing Drones
September 01, 2015

Harry’s 2015 World Pipe Band Championships Glossary

P is for Porta-loos. The organizers are really flushing out the problems here. Lots of loos available in different parts of the park, and well maintained throughout the two days. Lots of bogroll and bathroom. Well done. You’re #1 !

Walker before his Zimmer.

Q is for Quiet. What some people are unable to achieve in the stands at the Grade 1 circle. It’s hard enough as it is to hear any detail from the stands, but add to that a couple of half-cut “experts” regaling each other with misinformation throughout every performance, and you’ve just paid a premium ticket to watch Grade 1 bands with the volume almost off. Maybe get some of those British Open “Quiet” signs for stewards or security to hold up when bands are competing?

R is for Retirement. It seems that World’s week or thereabouts is always good for retirement announcements, and this year it was long-time Boggie’s Boss Ross Walker who announced his departure. He’ll be missed. Walk on, sir.





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