Trailing Drones
September 01, 2015

Harry’s 2015 World Pipe Band Championships Glossary

V is for Victory March. That moment when the winning band straps on the banner and marches off the field. No matter who wins, no matter what year, you have to savour the thrill that that brings to the band. Bittersweet to watch as a competitor, it’s what everyone plays for. (Oh, that and the glorious £1,500 first prize, of course.)

No, Leonard, love IS a victory march . . .

W is for Weather. Sayings abound to describe how bad and changeable Glasgow weather can be, and the forecasts for Saturday were dire, but in the end it was a mostly dry day for the Grade 1 bands. Tank tunderin’ feck, as they might say in SLOT. (Also, W is for World’s. It is World’s. Apostrophe S. It is possessive, as in “Championship of the World.” Worlds with no apostrophe means more than one world. So, FFS’s, lets get it right, people’s.)





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